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Atrevido Mango


Joya Olivares

March 13, 2023

Buckskin PRE Filly



Kai is sired by 3x world champion Atrevido Mango.  She is one of the very rare buckskin fillies (with a chestnut gene) by Mango.

I have admired Atrevido Mango for many years.  Long before he found a new home in the USA.  I was very fortunate to be able to breed Joya to him.  Kai is everything I hoped for and more.  And on top of the beauty and excellent conformation, she is going to be enormous.  She would be an extraordinary addition to anyones breeding program

or as a performnce prospect.


Cremello, Perlino, Smokey Cream...what is the difference?

And how does Chestnut, Buckskin and Palomino fit in?

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