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Imported PRE Gelding
Not for sale

Bubbles was imported from Spain in the fall of 2019

Why do we call him Bubbles?  We evacuated the horses due to a wild fire.  I took my stallion and geldings to a friends ranch.  She was giving me an update on how they were all doing and said "Bubbles is..."  I said "who is Bubbles?"  She said, "Oh the grey gelding."  Me -"Why do you call him Bubbles?"  Cheryl -"He sticks his whole nose in the water bucket and blows bubbles!"  It stuck!

He looks like a fire breathing dragon but in reality is sweet and lazy.  He is not so crazy about the other horses but loooooooves people.

We are hoping he will take a shine to working

equitation because it looks like way to much fun and he is practically unflappable!  A good combination!  

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