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Because everyone needs more than one obsession!

This page is about 2 more of mine.  It's about my Mandarin ducks but also about the enclosure that we are creating to put them in.  It has been a labor of love that has been going on for quite some time.  It has required raising the height of a block wall twice, building new concrete block walls and a patio cover, moving lots of dirt, designing the space and filters.  We are finally ready to start to start the pond.

And then there are the incredibly beautiful Mandarin Ducks.  They are a little hard to keep because they are great flyers and need places to roost.  They like to roost in trees.

I have 2 male ducks who recently got girlfriends.

It is possible we will have baby ducks for sale at some point.

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     We will eventually have koi in the pond.  Okay, maybe the page is about 3 more obsessions.  We'll get into the gold fish some other time ;)  Check back for photos of our progress.

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