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We have been breeding PRE horses since 1985.  We have purchased and bred a good number of high quality animals.  But we have never been more proud of our breeding stock than we are now.

Each was chosen with great care.  Each an important part of our vision.

Please take a moment and meet our ladies.  The girls are the real foundation of any good breeding program.

Eulalia head2a.jpg
Brisa head2as.jpg
joya head.jpg

Rustica AM


Joya Olivares

Eulalia Moon

Dreaming of Daisies

Ivory Moon

Jalona Moon

Rotated scroll scroll 2.png
Rusty head3s2.jpg
Jalona tall head.jpg
tall head Ivory.jpg
tall head daisy.jpg

Kristal Moon

tall head Kristal3.jpg
katalia 6s.jpg

Katalia Moon

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