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Jalona Moon.png

Morante RM Rustica AM

March 21, 2022

Chestnut PRE FIlly

Not For Sale

A friend commented that "She looks like a sexy sports car".  Another said "Oh like a Red Porsche!".  A nickname is born!  We are calling her Porsche.

She clearly inherited the best of what each parent had to give.  In addition to her beauty, her movement is extraordinary!

We have not had a horse in the show ring for a very long time.  Jalona and her big sister Ivory are going to be the first to take us back there.  We hope you will root for us!

She is a full sister to "Havana Moon" the oldest of our Morante RM offspring.


Cremello, Perlino, Smokey Cream...what is the difference?

And how does Chestnut, Buckskin and Palomino fit in?

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