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Morante RM Eulalia Moon

May 10, 2023

Chestnut PRE Filly


An elegant fairytale princess.

Sired by our incredible imported palomino PRE stallion "Morante RM" and out of "Eulalia Moon" one of the rare homebred horses we have retained for our breeding program.  She, like her full brother "Jaguar Moon" is the culmination of many years of studying, trying, trying again, changing direction, learning and some magic and luck.

Show, breeding, personal pleasure mount or family friend...she's your girl!

Her pedigree is chock full of Qualified horses, Champions and even 2 Reproductor Mejorante relatives.

We are waiting on the color test results.  Although she is probably chestnut, there is a small chance she is palomino.  The price will be posted once the results are in

Video will be posted when she figures out what to do with all those legs!

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