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Solano de Trujillo


Eulalia Moon

Our "Eulalia Moon" (Petalo de Torre/Yummy x Rustica AM) is in foal to Calificado stallion “Solano de Trujillo”. The foal will carry the blood of some of the worlds greatest Spanish horses. Including Remache XIII sire of our Petalo de Torre. Barquito and Yaco de Torreluna who are both Reproductor Mejorante and Educado X who is Reproductor Mejorante and Reproductor Elite. In just 3 generations back the foal will have 5 Calificado relatives, 3 Reproductor Mejorante and 1 Reproductor Elite…can you say Holy WOW? I sure am! Next year is going to be very exciting at Moonbrook Farm! 

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