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Virrey Silva.png

SE Tiziano Creida A

2021 Imported

Cremello PRE Colt

   We are calling him "Moonshine"

Our beloved Morante keeps giving us fillies...

Stunning fillies!!
So what do you do with stunning fillies? 
You find them an equally stunning future husband.

We welcome Virrey Silva to

Moonbrook Farm.  Our newest PRE stallion prospect imported from Spain, a grandson of Tiziano III.

He is one of very few rare Cremello PRE horses in the United States.  His color pedigree is ee/AA/CrCr

For those of us not fluent in equine color craziness, it means no grey, no black, just cream and red.

Moonshine will not produce smokey black even with a homozygous black mare.

Moonbrook Farm is now home to 3 rare cremello beauties.

Joya Olivares, Ivory Moon

and now Virrey Silva

Check back and watch him grow into the powerful beauty we expect.

Cremello, Perlino, Smokey Cream...what is the difference?

And how does Chestnut, Buckskin and Palomino fit in?

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